Over two years ago we announced the creation of a unified plucked string tablature search engine. As a regular user of tablature collections such as Sarge Gerbode’s website or musickshandmade.com by Alain Veylit , it always seemed to me that the location and access of all that valuable stuff could be improved information. For this reason, in Cuerdas Pulsadas we put at your disposal a powerful search engine that allows you to make the best use of this huge volume of data. The main features of this tool are:

  • Direct links to tablatures in different formats
  • Sort ascending and descending by columns.
  • Text search in the most relevant fields (author, title, year, tone and source)
  • Access to the detail of each tablature, to view all the information about it.
  • Column reordering (dragging column headings)
  • Selection of information to display in the table


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