In 2011 Manuel Minguillón promoted academic activity around the plucked string by promoting an annual cycle of master classes in his music academy MinguiEstudio . During the two editions that were held, a cast of internationally renowned teachers paraded through its academy, such as Paul O’Dette, Miguel Yisrael, Ariel Abramovich, José Hernández Pastor, David Mason, Pascale Boquet, Juan Carlos de Mulder, Evagenlina Mascardi and Manuel Minguillón himself. Thus forming one of the most attractive and high-level cycles of the plucked string scene nationwide. Cuerdas Pulsadas has sponsored both editions, collaborating with the incredible effort and magnificent management that MinguiEstudio carried out for the implementation of a project of such dimensions.

 1901175_634282279970712_1075379700_n What better piece to play with Paul O’Dette than John Dowland’s Preludium

I also had the opportunity to take advantage of the masterclass with Paul O’Dette, of which I keep fond memories not only for the advice he gave me, but also for being able to listen to all the colleagues who also played with him. From here we appreciate the opportunity that MinguiEstudio gave us by allowing us to collaborate. Hopefully soon we can announce a new edition! For all those who are interested in this type of activity, Manuel Minguillón teaches guitar, plucked and continuous string lessons. More information at this link .

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