At the beginning of 2012 we started a new collaboration, once again with the help of Manuel Minguillón . Together, we worked to launch the website for what would be the first cycle of AIMAntigua . macuerdapulsada-580x400 The International Academy of Music Antigua (AIMAntigua) offers nine days of training in a unique environment, open to professionals who wish to approach interpretation with historical criteria, students who want to expand their knowledge and amateur musicians with a good level curious to improve their skills with teachers with extensive experience and recognition international. The Academy houses already established courses such as singing, plucked string, flute, viola da gamba, conducting, choral singing and in recent editions it has presented new disciplines such as violin, viola, cello, oboe and historical dance and complementary activities to offer its students and students a comprehensive training aimed at maximum professionalization. Cuerdas Pulsadas continues to collaborate with AIMAntigua and we are proud to sponsor the plucked string course . A unique feature of AIMAntigua is that it combines Early Music courses and an Early Music Festival: teachers and students perform an opera at the end of the course, for which they have memorized their roles and developed the scenography. For all this, they work with vocal coach, stage director, music director, etc., which entails an experience that is most similar to the professional world. In this video the essence of the AIMAntigua is reflected, where it should be noted that the academy seeks the participation and connection of the city with the students through the various concerts that are prepared during the course.

Manuel Minguillón is founder and artistic co-director of the International Academy of Early Music (AIMAntigua) since its inception, from here we thank him for his work for continuing with AIMAntigua, his always fantastic disposition and, especially, his offering to Strings Pulled to collaborate with this fantastic project.

 Manuel Minguillón

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