In this cool photo we can see Paula Brieba and Julieta Viñas: the duo Dolce Rima . The path of these two young musicians crossed in the city of Seville, both attracted by the cultural upheaval of the considered capital of Ancient Music in Spain. And there the duo Dolce Rima was forged, where Paula’s plucked string and Juliet’s voice offer us their passion for two contiguous eras in the Early Music of the West: the Spanish Renaissance and the Italian Seicento, both linked by the same common thread. : poetry and its universal topics such as love and lack of love … Thus, in 2013 they managed to promote their first record, “Al alba venid”, thanks to the use of an innovative system of collective microfinance (crowfunding), with which individual patrons and entities contribute their grain of sand so that these projects reach media enough to crystallize and become a reality.


Cuerdas Pulsadas was one of the proud collaborators of this musical adventure, with which we hope that Paula and Julieta will have a long journey . (…) We are, then, before a really promising album, which is short, and of which we hope there will soon be a complementary part. The fusion between the two is practically perfect, denoting in her a serious and arduous work in the background, but also a really strong personal understanding. Music of exquisite beauty, which once again puts on the table the impressive quality that the vihuelists of the 16th century treasured (…) Thus ends the criticism of “Al Alba Venid” that Mario Guada published in the indispensable Codalario ( read more ) We wish you the best in Cuerdas Pulsadas … hopefully Dolce Rima is here to stay.

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