In mid-2013, we incorporated into our catalog the casing that produces the most curiosity and satisfaction among our clients, both musicians and luthiers: Michel Frechina’s lamb gut frets. These frets are not subjected to whitening techniques (usually based on sulfur or other chemicals), so the frets preserve the natural color of the gut .


Perhaps this is the characteristic that attracts the most attention at first, accustomed to very whitish frets and with an important treatment and processing. But beyond aesthetic issues, Michel’s extremely rigorous artisanal process has other benefits: the frets are very flexible and therefore much easier to fit (even in thick gauges), so they Reduces the frustration of having to use tools or other accessories normally used with other, tougher materials. Michel takes care of the manufacture of the frets so that they are resistant , using for this a strong torsion, which is not usually suitable for normal strings, but is perfect for frets.


In the envelopes where we distribute the frets, the emblem of Michel Frechina is engraved, representing Pythagoras studying the relationships between the tension of the strings and the sound for an equal length of the same, as can be seen in the “Theorica Musicae “by F. Gaffurio (1492).


You can find Michel Frechina frets in our fret section, from gauge 0.55 to 1.40, where we have deemed it appropriate to reach a compromise between value for money and fret length (1.20 meters each) In this way, you can take better advantage of the less used gauges (usually the thickest) and acquire the frets at a really competitive price.

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