In 2013, we participated in the realization of a new dream, this time with the musician Fernando Pérez . His idea was to make a select journey through the emotions of the plucked string, from the Renaissance to the present day, through the Baroque, Classicism and Romanticism. But always using instruments of the time, such as vihuela, baroque guitar, classic-romantic guitar and current guitar. With this objective in mind, he designed “ Feel Past Fret “, where Fernando performs works by Luys de Narváez, Gaspar Sanz, Francisco Guerau, Luigi Legnani, Francisco Tárrega, thus offering a vision of the stylistic and musical evolution of the guitar, articulated in the musical forms typical of each period: dances, variations, whims, small forms, studies … To achieve this, it uses an innovative system of collective microfinance (crowfunding), with which individual patrons and entities contribute their grain of sand so that these projects achieve sufficient means to crystallize and become a reality. But, in addition, Feel Past Fret is linked to Fernando’s popularizing role, since it includes the recording of seven studies composed by Fernando himself and published in his book “ Guitar. Technique and interpretation ”, where Fernando exposes the main guitar resources (arpeggios, ligados, chords or legato) and contributes his experience to facilitate the solution to the different technical and musical problems that assail every guitarist who wishes to continue his path to professionalization.


A few days ago Fernando sent us a copy of the book with some kind words, which we received with great enthusiasm.


Cuerdas Pulsadas is a proud sponsor of this fantastic project, with which we hope that Fernando has all the success he deserves.


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