A few months ago they contacted us from “ Seguros Casablancas “, immersed in the comprehensive renovation process of their web, to include us in your directory of luthiers and specialists . Today we respond to that kind gesture to spread their services on this blog and remind you of the importance of having plucked instruments insured.  directory_luthiers At Casablancas they make all-risk insurance for all types of musical instruments, including plucked string instruments. All the management can be done online, via the internet throughout Spain (it is not necessary to appear at their offices). Casablancas offers specialized attention in musical instruments, since they have been offering services in this field for more than 20 years and have clients from most of the orchestras in Spain, as well as conservatories and music schools, as well as private musicians. On their website www.mcasablancas.com you can find out and download the files with the characteristics of the insurance and coverage. They also have an online pricing service , that is, by providing a few data of the instrument you can obtain at the moment an exact insurance budget.

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