Javier Martínez offers a new hand vihuela in sol for sale. Vibrant string length 595mm.   Rings set to the make of the Guadalupe vihuela, in Spanish black walnut and cypress. Background of cypress ribs and ebony steaks. Neck in complex marquetry according to the model of the Guadalupe vihuela. Boxwood bow. copy of one from the end of the 15th century represented on an instrument that appears in a painting in the Cathedral of Salamanca. Rich ornamentation with inlays identical to those embedded in the Guadalupe vihuela, very typical of a vihuela from the first half of the 16th century. The materials, ornamentation, interior architecture, reinforcements, bars, thicknesses and settings follow strictly historical approaches. Interested in trying the instrument, you can write to vihuela.com@gmail.con or call 619 405799. Price: 3000 euros, which can be divided into monthly payments without interest to negotiate.    

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