This time we welcome the strings of Aquila Corde to Oúd . All the well-known advantages of the new nylgut are included in these complete sets, available for both Arabic and Turkish tuning. OUD NEW NYLGUT Specifically, the game for Arabic tuning is designed with these characteristics (11 strings, normal tension):
  • 1st c: 2x New Nylgut
  • 2nd g: 2x New Nylgut
  • 3rd d: 2x wound
  • 4th A: 2x wound
  • 5th F: 2x wound
  • 6th C: 1x wound
  And the set for Turkish tuning (11 strings, light tension):
  • 1st d: 2x New Nylgut
  • 2nd a: 2x New Nylgut
  • 3rd e: 2x wound
  • 4th B: 2x wound
  • 5th A: 2x wound
  • 6th E: 1x wound

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