Enrique Rosales puts on sale a classical concert guitar built in 2012 by the luthier Carlos Medina Coss (Mexico, D.F.), on a Hauser template from 1943. Their characteristics are:
  • Sides and backs: AAA Indian Rosewood.
  • Soundboard: Special German spruce.
  • Neck: Central American cedar.
  • Diapason; African ebony.
  • Bridge: Cocobolo.
  • Wood marquetry: Handmade in Russia by Dmitry Zhevlakov.
  • Tuners. Luxury rubner with ebony wingtips.
  • Finish: Natural gloss nitro lacquer.
  • Vibrating length: 650 mm.
  • Case: Rigid fiberglass with imitation leather exterior.
The instrument has an excellent, very balanced sound and a correct tuning. The sale price is € 1,800. Contact information:
  • enrique.rosales2008@gmail.com

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