…five years of life in Cuerdas Pulsadas, do you want to know our history?
      …We are celebrating the fifth anniversary … do you want to tell us something?     
  We celebrate our fifth anniversary on a day full of great significance for musicians, on November 22 (Santa Cecilia). We launch until December 10 a great promotion in our catalog:
  • 20% off:
    • Aquila Corde – New Nylgut y NGE
    • Savárez – KF Alliance
    • Pyramid – Nylon
    • Pyramid – Wound 105 cm
    • Aquila Corde – Wound D 120cm
  • 40% off:
    • Fret gut made by Michel Frechina
    • Fret gut – Pyramid
    • Aquila Corde – Nylgut NGH
  • 60% off:
    • Gamut – gimped gut
    • Aquila Corde – High Twist gut
    • Pyramid – Wound 140cm, 160cm y 180cm
    • Savárez – Wound NFC 100cm, 200cm
  The promotion is applied automatically in the shopping cart and is compatible with the rest of the store’s promotions.   PROMO      

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