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The points program allows all registered users in to accumulate points in their personal account for each order placed and to obtain discounts on future purchases, under the conditions set forth herein.  

The information about this promotion is visible both in each product (points for one unit) and in the cart (total points to accumulate if the order is completed).

Customers have an option in their control panel, to access at all times the history of movements of their points (how they got them, how they spent them, etc …).

Each product is assigned a number of points per unit, so that the shopping cart will have a point value equal to the sum of the individual points of each added product.

The points of each product are set by Cuerdas Pulsadas, and can be altered at any time and without prior notice. Although the Administrator guarantees that the points per product that will be applied at all times are those in force in the Portal at the time of confirming the order by a User. In case of modification of the value of the points, the orders already in progress will not be affected.

The customer accumulates points for each purchase made in the store, either through an online purchase process or through a purchase process by phone or email.

The amount of points obtained for a purchase is equal to the sum of the individual points of each added unit, whether from different products or several units of the same product. That is, the points of the units of each added product are also added to the total result. So that the number of points to be obtained for a purchase is only made up of this sum of individual points, the accumulation of points per purchase is not influenced by shipping costs, payment method, discounts applied or other promotions of which the customer benefits.

Each customer has two different points balances: the balance of available points, which can be exchanged for purchases, and the balance of unavailable points, which cannot be exchanged for purchases.

When the client confirms the order, the system stores the movement for obtaining points and adds the amount to the balance of unavailable points. So there will be a procurement movement for each purchase made in the system (regardless of the status of the order).

Points earned on a purchase are added to the customer’s unavailable points balance until the order is completed. In other words, the points obtained on a purchase that is not in the “Completed” status do not accumulate in the balance of available points. In order for the points obtained in a purchase to be added to the balance of available points in the customer’s account and, therefore, to be able to make use of them in their next purchases, the order must be in “Complete” status and it is essential that the payment has been correctly verified by the Administrator.

They do not allow you to accumulate points in the balance of points available for orders in any other state, such as canceled, pending payment or in process orders.

The points to be obtained in a purchase allow to obtain discounts in the following purchases, if the conditions set out here are met, but never in the same purchase where they are obtained since they pass to the balance of points not available.

Points from the available point balance can only be exchanged for discounts on store purchases, that is, refunds or economic recovery of the possible value of accumulated points are not allowed. If the customer decides to redeem points on a purchase, the discount is applied to the final purchase price (with VAT, or without VAT for cases without taxes).

If the customer decides to redeem points on a purchase, the available points can be redeemed in blocks of 100 by 100, at the user’s choice (for example, if the customer had 300 points available, they can choose to redeem 100, 200 or 300 for an order dice).

Therefore, there is a minimum amount of 100 (one hundred) points available to allow a discount for points on a purchase. There is also a maximum to redeem, calculated automatically by the system, so that the discount for the chosen block of points never exceeds the total amount of the purchase, that is, it does not suppose a negative total in the value of the purchase.

The points have an expiration of 365 days from their obtaining. Each movement to obtain points for making purchases is assigned that expiration date, calculated based on the date the order was placed. Points that have reached their expiration date without having been redeemed will be deducted from the balance of available points. Points are not transferable or exchangeable in any other way than specified in these conditions.

The redemption of points affects the total amount of the purchase, then it can influence other promotions based on the total purchase, such as free shipping costs from a certain amount or other assumptions. This promotion is valid with no established expiration date.

The administrator reserves the right to withdraw it without prior notice, without implying the loss of the rights acquired by the clients, that is, the balance of available points will be kept and it will be allowed to exchange it under the conditions set forth herein.      

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