After more than five years since Cuerdas Pulsadas was opened to the general public , we consider that already a revision of the web was necessary to improve some aspects and also update all the technology behind the web.   We detail the main improvements applied:  


Regarding the design, there are some general improvements but we wanted to keep the original design of Cuerdas Pulsadas as much as possible, as it is part of its essence and identity.   homepage Although we have taken advantage to improve the visibility of our blog activity, highlighting the last four news published:   blog Or to improve the header where you will find all the forms of contact and access to the most useful tools that we make available to you, such as the caliber calculator, the events calendar, the tablature search engine or the instruments market:   header_2


Although we have a strong presence in the Spanish-speaking market, we are also proud to have clients in other parts of the world, such as Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, USA, Finland, France, Greece, Italy, Japan, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, UK, the Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland or Taiwan. For all our clients who prefer a treatment in English, we have worked so that all content, communications and the purchase process in Cuerdas Pulsadas can be carried out completely in English .   cuerdas_pulsadas_en You can select at any time which language you prefer during the use of the web, making use of the flags located permanently in the upper right part of the screen:   languages  


In those countries where the tax policy of the European Union does not apply, the new website calculates automatically the new prices and excludes the applicable taxes in European territory.   taxes    


We have protected the entire website under a secure SSL protocol, so that all the information you send us travel encrypted at all times to our servers. You can check the security of the web with your own web browser:   ssl


To improve the information on the shipment of our packages, we have implemented a system that will inform you of the different states that the shipment passes through since it leaves our warehouse. You will be automatically notified by email and SMS when the order is shipped, is in transit, is delivered or also if there is a problem with the delivery:   tracking


To expand the information available on the types of ropes available in the store, we have included a sign in those types where there is more information on the blog.   category
  We hope that all the improvements are to your liking and do not hesitate to contact us if you find any difficulty with the new website.   Saludos!    

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