Teo Martínez is interested in a change or sale of his premium two-piece electric guitar amplification kit (for an ancient music instrument detailed below), valued at nearly € 5,000, since he is not using it and is looking for an instrument of old music of similar value. The equipment is new, impeccable, (except for some very small chipping of the Screen Tólex, but almost not used) It can be seen and tested in San Javier (Murcia).
  • -Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier Head (New at Thomann € 3155): 2000€ -Mesa Boogie Rectifier Slant lampshade (New at Thomann € 1,379): 1000€ -Flight case de cabezal 300€.
Teo accept change of equipment for an Archilaúd, Theorba, Baroque Guitar, Baroque Lute, Renaissance or Vihuela of similar prices. Likewise, if someone is interested, rent your instrument (Archilaúd, baroque guitar, vihuela or medieval cytola) with the option to buy, to be able to study. Contact: teo_seal@hotmail.com    

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