René Baarslag 1995 (fir) / model 15 frets Ferran Canet puts on sale a concert guitar built by luthier René Baarslag. He worked with Antonio Marín Montero in Granada, but also with Robert Bouchet in France. Today he lives in Granada, where he has created his own workshop. It is known worldwide for its traditionally manufactured guitars and its incredible volume, balance, elasticity and sustain. The current price of this guitar is around 6000 euros. 15 fret model up to the box. 24 frets on the 1st string, which means you can make three octaves of the E note on the 1st string. Model used by the professor and concert artist Eduardo Baranzano. Very powerful sound, full-bodied, very clear, a lot of projection in the auditorium. It honestly seems like the sound has reverberation. A very comfortable instrument to play. A rigid case included.
  • 650 mm (vibrating length)
  • 52 mm (neck)
  • Aquila Sugar Normal Tension (strings)
PRICE: 3.000 € Contact:
  • Ferran Canet
  • 659596906

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