The guitar has a tremendous Spanish tone. When he plays minor chords, he rises to life with passion (sorry it is always difficult to define the sound of a guitar).

This guitar was built with solid cypress for the back and sides, a cedar neck, and a solid spruce top. The head is made of dark rosewood. The guitar has a rosette from the Marín brand in very good condition.

The general condition of the guitar is excellent.

The vibrating length is 655 millimeters. The width of the mast is 50 millimeters. The ebony fingerboard and frets are excellent. The action on the 12th fret Mi string is 3.5 millimeters and the 12th fret high Mi string measures 3.0 millimeters.

The original label shows that this is a 1968 Antonio Marin and also bears his seal on the label and on the back. The guitar has German silver Landstorfer tuners in very good condition.

Although the guitar is designed as a flamenco instrument, it is perfectly suitable for playing any type of music: I used it for classical with gut strings (as you can see in the photos).





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