Tiago Leal is selling his 7-course lute (string length: 59.5.cm) by Jaume Bosser. This is his announcement: It’s a very good instrument with a round and very well balanced sound. The somewhat thin neck makes playing with the left hand very easy. Same goes for the right-hand: the courses are spaced just right so that they can easily be played separately, without being too far away. It’s a very good mid to professional player instrument, and he is sure it will serve you as well as it did me. The instrument has a visible crack behind the bridge, which was due to leaving the instrument too close to the heater while I was trying to get some shut-eye on a night train 10 years ago. The instrument was promptly repaired, and didn’t have any other problems since. As far as I can tell, sound quality was not affected in the least by the accident, and has only gotten better through the yeas. Price is adjusted in relation to the original “factory” price to make up for the small defect. The reason I’m selling the instrument is that I already own another 7-course renaissance lute, and I can’t afford to own two at the moment, given the current situation. A new instrument currently sells for 3200€. My asking price is 2400€. Case is included. The instrument is visible and testable in Basel, Switzerland. You can reach me, preferably by e-mail, at: Tykertyper@gmail.com or: +41 793670936    

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