This baroque guitar has been built in 2019 by Régis Floury, an instrument manufacturer located in Vigo, Galicia. It is made with old traditional techniques without machinery.


The box is made of walnut and maple with ebony fillets. The harmonic top is in spruce. The neck is in maple covered with a marquetry of speckled maple and black maple.


The fingerboard and bridge are made of ebony. The headstock marquetry is made with amaranth, speckled maple, pear, and black maple. The outer rosette as well as the contour decoration (pistagne) are made entirely by hand with ebony and vegetal ivory.


The soundboard has a layer of wax as it was traditionally done and the rest of the instruments is varnished with the tampon with shellac.


The vibrating length is 665mm. The bridge allows to fix the space between the strings as the musician considers it for his way of playing. The instrument is mounted with Aquila’s NylGut © string. It has a soft, delicate and warm sound.

The instrument comes with a basic travel case.

  • Price: 2200 euros
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