Ferran Canet is selling a flamenco guitar LATTICE by John Price en 2003

  • Vibrating lentgh (mm) 650 mm
  • Nut (mm) 51 mm
  • Soundboard: abeto – Refuerzo: Lattice
  • Back / Sides: australian blackwood
  • Tuning pegs: Rodgers
  • Fretboard: Ebany
  • Sound: Superb and clear

Price: 4500 €
Contact: fcaneti@gmail.com (+34 659596906)


The best of both worlds: Classic and Flamenco.

Also between modern (lattice) and traditional sound The guitar is designed with a lattice reinforcement made of carbon fiber. This type of reinforcement allows the use of thinner caps that resonate better. The back (arched) and sides are made from solid Australian black wood.





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