We are proud to announce our eleventh anniversary
and, as usual, a week with great discounts on all our catalog.

This year was also a hard time for all of us but, thanks to the vaccination efforts all around the world, I truly think we are in a much better place now.

We all know close friends or relatives who passed away or had severe difficulties due to the conoravirus. Our condolences and also our best wishes for all of you in these situations.

We also know very skilled musicians and luthiers who had to stop their work because of the current situation.

There is hope for the future, though.

We received lots of messages about new projects, new recordings, concerts… and this is excellent news for the lute world.

Source: Wikimedia
Artist: Parrasio Micheli (Venice, 1516–1578)
Oil on canvas

On our side, Cuerdas Pulsadas have experienced many updates this year.

Let’s review some highlights:


  • We have redesigned the entire website.
  • Information and contents are now more accesible


  • A post series about the lute in times of COVID


  • HL gut strings by Aquila Corde
  • Unsplit lamb gut strings by Aquila Corde (more gauges and lenghts)
  • Catline bass gut strings by Kürschner
  • Plain nylon and carbon strings by Pyramid
  • Lots of classical guitar sets by Pyramid
  • Oiled gut strings by Savarez
  • Wound gut (copper) strings by Savarez
  • Wound gut (silver-plated copper) strings by Savarez
  • Wound over KF strings by Savarez
  • Synthetic sets for Afghan rabab


Unfortunately, la “maison de la vielle” closed its doors, so we finally decided to add gut strings by Savarez to our catalog and welcome all hurdy-gurdy players.



All our catalog will have a discounted price. As simple as that.

  • This promotion is compatible with the reward points system
  • This promotion is not compatible with the 5% discount for orders over 200€
  • This promotion is not compatible with the discount for luthiers

Depending on the category, you will find different prices though.

There are three discount tiers:

Aquila Corde:

  • New nylgut
  • Wound D (regular length)
  • Loaded Basses CD (regular length)


  • Wound 105cm


  • KF Alliance

Fret gut:

  • Kürschner
  • Pyramid

Anything else on our catalog!

Aquila Corde:

  • Unsplit lamb gut
  • HL beef gut


  • BRH oiled gut
  • BFA wound gut
  • BFC wound gut


  • Plain gut
  • High Twist gut
  • Catline bass gut

We hope you can enjoy the promotion.

Take care.

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