Carlos Cuanda is selling a renaissance lute.

-Luthier: Celso Escudero, under the supervision of Carlos González (Llanes, Asturias.
Year 1993)

-Complete review and calibration of the instrument, brand new: Carlos Ardura (Oviedo,
Asturias. Year 2022)

-Availability to test the instrument in Oviedo.



  • Vibrating length: 595 mm.
  • Tuning in G (A=440Hz)
  • curly maple staves
  • German spruce top
  • Maple neck and headstock
  • ebony fingerboard
  • Pear tree bridge with ebony veneer
  • boxwood pegs
  • Natural bone nut
  • Nylgut and Aquila D strings
  • With hard case included

-Price €1,700 + shipping costs



Phone: +34679911077

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