About us

Cuerdas Pulsadas, a project by David Morales de Frías.

After listening for countless hours to all the old music records that fell into my hands, I understood that that would never be enough to understand and broaden that curiosity that the plucked string produces in me.

With no other intention than to play by myself, in 2009 I bought a Renaissance seven-order lute and realized that everything I had imagined listening to until then was nothing compared to holding it in my hands and playing it.

Since then I continue to dedicate as much time as I can to playing, in an amateur way, stealing the time I can from other family and professional commitments.

At the beginning of 2010 we began to think about the possibility of starting this project and today strings pulsed is a reality.

Thanks to all who have accompanied us and helped us along the way.

Enthusiasm: Ailment of youth, curable with small doses of regret and external applications of experience

What emerged as an outdated occurrence is what you see today, Strings Pulsed. After months of hard work and after having traveled a difficult and risky path, but with the determination and enthusiasm of someone who wants to do something.

On November 22, 2010, Santa Cecilia, we attended the birth of Plucked Strings, never more appropriate, because this adventure has had all the characteristics of a pregnancy. And, of course, we already feel it as if it were the virtual birth of a child, such is the love and work that we have put in and we will continue to put into this project.

Enough: Everything in the world, as long as you like it.

The goal of CuerdasPulsadas is to offer an alternative to the always scarce world of the plucked string.

As a store we will always seek to put at your disposal the best service, the best prices and all the facilities so that you can replace your strings. With the commitment to always offer a close and natural treatment, in addition to trying to satisfy all your demands.

But beyond a business, we want to get to mean in the field of the plucked string. We will try to be a towing vehicle for your needs and we will gradually try to create a common space where all of us who, in some way, are related to the plucked string participate.

It’s a difficult task because, as a community, plucked string is not particularly compact. But we will put all the means to always go beyond a point of acquisition of strings.

Stay tuned for all the news that we will incorporate over time.

Patience: Minor form of despair, disguised as virtue.

And so that you can see how, from an idea-seed, a concept grows, here you can see the first logo drawn in a notebook by me (ahem) a few months ago. Also the digital sketch from a real photo of my Renaissance lute and the final logo for Cuerdas Pulsadas.

David Morales de Frías