Flamenco guitar- Aquila Granato

The AQUILA CORDE GRANATO strings has been designed with a revolutionary approach: modify the specific weight of the material to achieve a smaller diameter at the strings.


Until now, to reach lower frequencies, an increase of the gauge of the string was necessary, but in doing so, the sound quality of the string would deteriorate proportionally, because the internal acoustic dampening of the string is directly proportional to its diameter. This makes the string less bright, less responsive and more muffled: the thicker the string, the duller the sound.


A smaller gauge allows decreasing the internal damping of the string, obtaining a brighter, clear, powerful and responsive sound across the range of the guitar fretboard.


This revolutionary new approach — never introduced before changes the specific weight of each string used for the trebles, leaving the gauges almost unchanged, as far as possible.


The result is amazing. The instrument will sound brighter, more powerful and more responsive through the entire range of the fretboard, especially over the 12th fret. The smaller gauge differences between strings allow an improved overall intonation.

The basses, at the contrary, are designed with a short sustain and with more percussive effect: this is very suitable for the rasgueado style.

The GRANATO SERIES sets provide superior performance over traditional Flamenco strings for musicians who love clear, sharp sounds and powerful voicing across the full scale of the instrument.

technical details

  • STRING: Synthetic and wounded strings
    • Trebles: Synthetic material with metal powder
    • Basses: Varnished red copper
  • DESIGNED FOR: Suitable for flamenco guitar


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Aquila Granato Set - Flamenco guitar (135C)
Aquila Granato Set - Flamenco guitar (135C)14,90

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