Classical guitar - Aquila - baroque tuning

This tuning is sometimes referred to as "Romantic" tuning today, or as "Baroque" tuning (presumably because the tuning may be useful for transcriptions of Baroque music).

In addition to 19th century guitar music, the 10-string guitar is useful for Baroque music of Weiss, Bach, Baron and others which utilize an extended bass note range in counterpoint, and for 8-course and 10-course Renaissance lute music.

The full guitar set made by Aquila Corde will allow you to use this tuning: A, B, C, D, E, A, D, g, b, e.

technical details

    • Trebles:
    • Basses:
  • DESIGNED FOR: Suitable for ten strings guitars of 65-66 cm scale


Classical guitar - 10 strings - Aquila baroque tuning
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