Classical guitar - Aquila - Yepes tuning

The ten strings extended-range classical guitar, with fully chromatic, sympathetic string resonance was conceived in 1963 by Narciso Yepes, who ordered the guitar from José Ramírez [III]

"I have not added four strings to the guitar out of a whim, but out of necessity. The strings that I have added incorporate all the natural [sympathetic] resonance that the instrument lacked in eight of the twelve notes of the equal tempered scale."

(Narciso Yepes, Ser instrumento: Speech of Ingression into the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, delivered on 30 April 1989.)

The real extension of this tuning is that of a 7-string, with the seventh string being the lowest and the remaining (8th to 10th) using a re-entrant tuning.

The full guitar set made by Aquila Corde will allow you to use this tuning created by Narciso Yepes: F#, G#, A, C, E, A, D, g, b, e.

technical details

  • STRING: Synthetic and wounded strings
    • Trebles:
    • Basses:
  • DESIGNED FOR: Suitable for ten strings guitars of 65-66 cm scale


Classical guitar - 10 strings - Aquila Yepes tuning
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