Classical guitar - Gut string sets by Pyramid

Gut strings were first used in Europe by the people of the Mediterranean area. Their production was a well guarded secret for a long time. For lower tones the thickness of plain strings must be increased while the string elasticity is reduced at the same time. This problem was solved in the 17th century by winding the strings with wires, thus providing them the necessary flexibility. In Germany gut strings are produced since the 18th century.

Until the first half of the twentieth century, the only available guitar strings were made of gut for treble and gimped with silk for bass.

Its acoustic spectrum was very different from the currently used synthetic strings, and its main features were: a remarkable tonal presence with the response and the typical brightness of the gut (certainly superior to plain nylon and in some respects closer to fluocarbon strings), while the bass had an exquisite vocal quality (not so bright as, and with less sustain than modern wound on nylon strings) with a sound that was richer in fundamental frequencies.

Gut strings made by Pyramid, made of highest quality sheep gut, have a constant circular cross-section, most important supposition for perfect fifths. Their easy response and excellent sustain is a main property of our gut strings. Due to their particular and soft sound character they are admired especially by players of historical instruments.

PYRAMID, in the noble art of making strings since 1850, builds strings for virtually every known instrument. All strings are made by hand in Bubenreuth, Germany, and the wire used in this process is of the highest precision to ensure the purity of sound.

Introducing: Gut Strings On Classical Guitar, by Brandon Acker

technical details

  • STRING: Synthetic and wounded strings
    • Trebles: Gut strings
    • Basses: Silver-plated copper wound on gut core
    • Trebles: Gut strings
    • Basses: Silver-plated copper on nylon core
    • Available in one single tension degree
  • DESIGNED FOR: Suitable for classical guitar


Pyramid - Gut trebles and basses Guitar Set
Pyramid - Gut trebles and basses Guitar Set99,00

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Pyramid - Gut/Nylon Combination Guitar Set
Pyramid - Gut/Nylon Combination Guitar Set56,00

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