Pyramid Super Classic - Double Silver - Carbon

PYRAMID, in the noble art of making strings since 1850, builds strings for virtually every known instrument. All strings are made by hand in Bubenreuth, Germany, and the wire used in this process is of the highest precision to ensure the purity of sound.

The Super Classic - Double Silver guitar set is perfect in octaves and sensitive. They produce a clear and pure sound, are rich in overtones, respond easily, keep their tuning and are comfortable to play.

The sound is perfect in any position. Especially the treble strings emphasize through their brilliance of sound the quality of the instrument. The inherent stiffness of a string which hinders ease and comfort also restricts its vibratory qualities.

Compared to the normal guitar string, we have been able to decrease this stiffness in our Super Classics


Fluoro-carbon (polyvinyliden fluorid) has a higher density compared to nylon. So when replacing a nylon string with a carbon string a smaller diameter is used.

This results in a decreased bending stiffness and the string vibrates more easily. This emphasizes the upper harmonics and results in a more brilliant timbre.

The reduced inharmonicity is physically detectable and proven.Plain and polished carbon strings show a behavior analogue to nylon strings.

The polishing is also an additional processing of the diameter. Compared to the reliable nylon strings especially the polished carbon strings are more sensitive to sharp-edged bridges and frets. But past experience has shown that this concerns only the smallest diameters.


Results: The durability of nylon strings is excellent while carbon offers a more brilliant timbre.

technical details

  • STRING: Synthetic and wounded strings
    • Trebles: Fluorocarbon
    • Basses: Double-Silver-plated copper wound on nylon silk
    • Available in two tension degrees
  • DESIGNED FOR: Suitable for classical guitar
    • This set contains double silver wound basses and carbon trebles.
    • There is also a Super Classic - Double Silver set featuring nylon strings in our catalog.


Pyramid - Super Classic - Double Silver (Carbon) - High tension - guitar set
Pyramid - Super Classic - Double Silver (Carbon) - High tension - guitar set18,80

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Pyramid - Super Classic - Double Silver (Carbon) - Medium tension - guitar set
Pyramid - Super Classic - Double Silver (Carbon) - Medium tension - guitar set18,80

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