Aquila Sugar - Afghan Rabab

Mimmo was born in Sardinia. Chemical, pupil of the stringmaker Arturo Granata of Melzo (Milan) and researcher in Caldogno (Vicenza) (where he founded the Aquila Corde Armoniche S.a.s) devotes himself, since the 1983 year, to the study and re-creation of gut strings in use in the Renaissance, Baroque and Classic eras. In the field of research on modern materials, in 1997 he discovered and brought onto the market Nylgut, a true “synthetic gut” to substitute for nylon on historical plucked instruments and on classical guitar, ukulele, ouds, charangos etc.

This set contains three synthetic strings made of Sugar, a recently discovered Italian blend of a plastic material derived from sugar-cane.

technical details

  • STRING: Synthetic string
  • MATERIALS: Sugar (synthetic)
  • LENGTH: 120cm
    • 1st: 0.62
    • 2nd: 0.76
    • 3rd: 1.12


Aquila Sugar - Afghan Rabab set (3R)
Aquila Sugar - Afghan Rabab set (3R)11,50

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