Timple Canario - Aquila Corde

Until the 1950’s, only gut cords were used for the Charango, Ronroco Timple canario and the Cuatro, in which the quickness of the answer was joined with the brilliance of the tones, being the sound very different with respect from the present nylon cords.


The investigative work made at Aquila Corde has always had the objective to make an artificial cord that had the same acoustic properties of the gut cords, without its typical defects (short life time, high prices, excessive sensitivity to the atmospheric variations).


With the Nylgut these defects have been eliminated , reproducing the original sound and tones of the Charango, Ronroco and Cuatro and at the same time guaranteeing an excellent tuning stability, with respect to which it can be produced with the best Nylon cords.


The tuning for these sets are: D (cantino), A, E, C, G

technical details

  • STRING: Synthetic, brass and wounded strings
  • LEGEND: 1=red, 2=blue, 3=green, 4=white, 5=yellow
  • ATTENTION: Before installing the strings, please make sure that grooves at the nut and bridge are not too deep, perfectly smooth and free of sharp edges. To remove sharp edges, a very fine grit sandpaper (i.e. 600) or the finest steel wool (000) can be used.
  • NOTICE: When restringing your instrument, to reach a perfect tuning stability within few minutes, we suggest to repeatedly pull firmly each string at mid-length and then re-tune it, repeating this sequence until the string does not drop further in frequency.


Timple Canario - Concert (13CH)
Timple Canario - Concert (13CH)7,30

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Timple Canario - Soprano (5CH)
Timple Canario - Soprano (5CH)7,30

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