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13-course archlute by Knud Sindt, Granada (2014)

Erwin Corio Flores is selling a 13-course archlute by Knud Sindt, Granada (2014) Cypress body, maple and ebony pegbox, spruce-pine top with carved rosette on the top, pearwood pegs and bridge. Ribs: 33 Vibrating string length: 64/130 cm Courses: 13 (7x2 + 6x2) Stringing: gut, Aquila CD Case: Kingham hardshell   Price: 4.000 euros Contact: [...]

Gittern number 50 by George Stevens

Gittern number 50 (short scale special) £4,280.00 Larger and much deeper body than I usually make. Feature limewood with amazing colours, irregular grain and patterning. 45 cm scale with 9 frets on the fingerboard. 5 double courses strung in Nylgut and PVF. Set up for tuning d a d’ g’ c’’ Soundboard well over 60 [...]

22 String Romanesque harp by George Stevens

22 String Romanesque harp by George Stevens. £4,250.00 Frame in sycamore, deep box in poplar - hollowed out and with vaulted top. Crisp, clear and resonant. Quatrefoil soundholes, gilded edges. Individually handmade soundbox pegs in oak. Strung in nylgut. 3 diatonic octaves. Semitones available at the neck , or at the sounbox pegs. Antique finish. [...]

Clarsach, decorated, by George Stevens

Clarsach, decorated, by George Stevens. Wire strung clarsach constructed from sycamore and brightly painted after the medieval fashion. Beeswax finish. 19 brass strings tuned from f - c’’’. Hollowed out soundbox. Off-the-peg case .   PRICE INCLUDES SOFT CASE . £2,250.00   More information:

Renaissance lute (seven courses)

Carlos Cuanda is selling a renaissance lute. -Luthier: Celso Escudero, under the supervision of Carlos González (Llanes, Asturias. Year 1993) -Complete review and calibration of the instrument, brand new: Carlos Ardura (Oviedo, Asturias. Year 2022) -Availability to test the instrument in Oviedo.   -Characteristics: Vibrating length: 595 mm. Tuning in G (A=440Hz) curly maple staves [...]