In the summer of 2011, the VII annual meeting of the Sociedad de la Vihuela was held in Gijón and, following in the wake of similar events, a new international meeting of lute societies, with representation from countries such as France, United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Argentina or Belgium. As part of the collaboration of Cuerdas Pulsadas with the meeting, we designed and printed the dense program of the festival and, in addition, we had a permanent representation in the exhibition of instruments, publications and strings that took place during the festival.

 exposition On the right you can see our stand, with t-shirts, ropes …

A unique opportunity for many musicians and fans to get to know Cuerdas Pulsadas first-hand. It was really fun and exciting too to see so many people wearing our shirts during the festival 🙂 From here I thank the Sociedad de la Vihuela and especially Carlos González, for the opportunity to collaborate with the festival and to have a representation in that unique event. You can read a much more extensive chronicle full of photos on the SDLV website .

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