We are proud to announce that CD loaded synthetic gauges below 1.10 are now available on Cuerdas Pulsadas. The CD bass lute strings are smooth synthetic loaded strings  characterized by a high, standardized specific weight, achieved by a loading extruding process with very  thin metallic copper powder made in the range of 115 CD till 220 CD. Diameters smaller than 115 CD are manufactured with an half loading degree, in order to be useful for the fourth and fith courses (called ‘Meanes’ in the past) . According to Mimmo Peruffo:
“They are robust, better than the first batch. This production is: 75CD till 110CD”   “The mean difference with the first batch of meanes is that there is less copper powder. The sound is less brilliant, and better connected with the other strings. With this solution it is possible to use them even for some thick octave strings.”
  Strong, warm  and percussive tone, without the excessive brightness typical of modern wound strings, perfectly coherent with the tone and dynamics character of gut strings as well a synthetic strings. Excellent tuning stability; far better than any plain gut, synthetics and wound strings available today.   [notification type=”notification_info” ] THICKER GAUGES WILL BE AVAILABLE IN A FEW WEEKS. PLEASE CONSIDER THAT WE WILL OFFER AGAIN SOME DISCOUNTS WHEN ALL GAUGES ARE AGAIN AVAILABLE ON CUERDAS PULSADAS. THANKS. [/notification]            

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