We are proud to announce our twelfth anniversary
and, as usual, a week with great discounts on all our catalog.

It is still hard to believe for us, given how ephemeral is everything nowadays, but here we are once again, celebrating a new anniversary!

We hope this promotion can mitigate a bit the difficult times in terms of life costs all around the world.

Thank you all!

cuerdas pulsadas - lute
Source: bridgemanimages.com
Artist: Theodoor van Thulden (Hertogenbosch, 1606-1669)
Oil on canvas



All our catalog will have a discounted price. As simple as that.

  • This promotion is compatible with the reward points system
  • This promotion is not compatible with the 5% discount for orders over 200€
  • This promotion is not compatible with the discount for luthiers

Depending on the category, you will find different prices though.

There are three discount tiers:

Aquila Corde:

  • New nylgut
  • Wound D (regular length)
  • Loaded Basses CD (regular length)


  • Wound 105cm


  • KF Alliance

Fret gut:

  • Kürschner
  • Pyramid

Anything else on our catalog!

Aquila Corde:

  • Unsplit lamb gut
  • HL beef gut


  • BRH oiled gut
  • BFA wound gut
  • BFC wound gut


  • Plain gut
  • High Twist gut
  • Catline bass gut

We hope you can enjoy the promotion.

Take care.

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