Last update: 01st February, 2020


These General Conditions have been prepared in accordance with the provisions of Law 34/2002 of society services of information and electronic commerce, Law 7/1998 on General Terms and Conditions, and other applicable legal provisions.

These general terms and conditions along with, where appropriate, the Special Conditions that may be established, will expressly regulate the contractual relations arising between the seller and owner of, NORA CASADO RODRIGUEZ (hereinafter “Manager”) and users (hereinafter “User” or “Customer”) who purchase the products offered through the online store (hereinafter called “the Site”).

Administrator’ tax data are:


            ○ NIF: 07977562N

            ○ EU VAT: ES07977562N

            ○ Fiscal Address: Calle Luis Vives 6 cuarto, Salamanca; 37006

The User has the following forms of contact with the Administrator

  1. By email:

  1. By phone:

On the +34 606 321 875 (Monday to Saturday: 09.00 to 19.00 CET)

These General Terms & Conditions of sale are solely applicable and replace all other general conditions, except in case of written consent prior cancellation. The Administrator may, on occasion, modify articles contained in general terms and conditions. It is therefore advisable to read them on every purchase made on the Site.

The use and/or purchase of products in the Site is governed by the general conditions applicable on the date of order. It is understood that, once an order has been placed, the terms of sale and, where appropriate, the Special Conditions governing the acquisition have been read and accepted by the customer in their entirety.

By accessing the Site, the User agrees to respect the terms and conditions of use contained herein.

The User can access, print and download the General Terms and Conditions at all times. These Conditions will be permanently accessible on the Website through the link “Conditions of sale” of

In addition, these general conditions along with the mandatory confirmation of his acceptance will always be shown to the User in the Site before confirming the purchase in order to achieve a correct execution and knowledge of these obligations by the User and the duty of information by the Administrator. Information will also be sent through a text file attached to electronic notification made after confirmation of an order and sent to the User´s email.

The Administrator reports that the procedures to effect the acquisition of products are those described in these general conditions, as well as those specific other indicated on the screen while browsing the website, so that the User acknowledges and accepts these procedures as necessary to access the products and services offered on the Site.

Any modification and/or correction of the data provided by the Users while browsing the website shall be made according to the instructions included in the Web.


For the acquisition of products on the Site, the User must complete the registration process of his personal account and provide personal information necessary for the proper development of future purchases, which will be incorporated into database on the Site in order to process that request and facilitate the complete management of the relationship between the User and the Site (access to orders, invoices and other important information).

The data provided by the User in the registration process are identifiers and keys for products and services access on the Web, and they are personal and not transferable. It is therefore important that the User indicates all the requested data accurately, avoiding possible confusion and/or incidents during shipment process of items purchased.

The registration process of the User’s account consists of two steps: providing data through an online form and the registration confirmation via email.

User Registration

There are two ways to access the registration form, either directly through the website or during the process of placing the order.

Data is required to the user in the form, such as:

        ○ Name and surname: mandatory.

        ○ E-mail: mandatory.

        ○ Tax Identifier: mandatory.

        ○ Password: mandatory.

        ○ Billing address: mandatory.

       ○ Billing address city: mandatory.

       ○ Billing address province: mandatory.

       ○ Billing address postal code: mandatory.

       ○ Billing address country: mandatory.

       ○ Contact Telephone: optional.

In addition, the User must explicitly accept the privacy policy of the Site, which is detailed during the registration process and it is permanently accessible from the page: page.

Optionally, the User can choose to subscribe to the newsletter in the Site for general or individualized commercial information to be sent.

Registration Confirmation

After completing the registration form, the Site sends an email to the email provided by the User, containing a link and instructions for registration confirmation. This link ensures the identity and veracity of the data provided in order to complete the process of creating of the User account.

An unconfirmed account is not a business account and therefore the User who owns an unconfirmed account can´t access to the Site.

The User of an unconfirmed account attempting access to the Site will be informed of his situation and a new email similar to that explained previously will be sent in order to facilitate registration confirmation again.

User Account Options

Once confirmed the account, the User can now access the Site by providing the data stored in his account. To do this, the User can use the page:

Once confirmed the User’s access to the Site, the following options are available for the User through “My Account”:

         ○ Access and modification of his personal data.

         ○ Recover a forgotten password.

         ○ Full management of his invoicing and shipping addresses book.

         ○ Account Cancellation.

         ○ Full order history tracking.

         ○ Ability to view and download information about orders, invoices, delivery notes and / or invoices for payment.

         ○ Ability to reapply for an order already made.

         ○ Complete monitoring of points accumulated in his account.

         ○ Subscription and un-subscription to the newsletter.

         ○ Closing of the current login session.

The Administrator reserves the right to cancel User’s account, and therefore the ability to place orders for those Users who do not observe the Conditions of Use of the Site or the General Terms and Conditions governing in each case.


The information provided on the Site is in force on the date of its last update. The Administrator reserves the right to decide at any time the products contained in the catalog and those offered to the Users through the Site, so that, when appropriate, he can update, modify or delete content and elements that comprise the Site without prior notice.

Accordingly, the Administrator may at any time add new products to the existing ones in the Site’ catalog. Unless something else is provided, it is understood that such new products shall be governed by the provisions of the General Conditions in force at that time.

The information contained in catalogs and price lists are only indicative. The Administrator may modify them, without prior notice and at any time, depending on market circumstances. However, the Administrator must guarantee that the prices to be applied at all times are those in force at the Site at the time of confirming the order by the User. In case of price changes, orders already in progress will not be affected.

Administrator also reserves the right to stop providing the sale service of any of the products offered on the Site at any time and without prior notice.


The Site has information on the existence or not of catalog products, preventing the possibility that the User can confirm an order with a product whose stock is exhausted. Administrator still reserves the right to complete and ship orders within the limits of available stock.

There are forms of payment whose confirmation requires a period of time. During the time interval in which the payment of an order is confirmed, the User is informed that a product initially ordered at a time when there were enough units to meet demand, has been sold out by the prioritization of other orders whose payment has been confirmed faster.

If there is not enough stock to meet one of the items ordered by the User, the Administrator agrees to send the User an email in less than five calendar days from the order confirmation to communicate this circumstance and the time within which new units will be available for the shipping of the order.

The User affected by this circumstance may request reimbursement of the amounts that he has paid for the item or cancel the entire order and request a refund of the full amount of the order. In both cases, the Administrator agrees to make a refund within twenty calendar days.


Purchase currency.

Sales prices of all catalog products are in Euros in the Site.

– Taxation at catalog prices and purchases.

The Value Added Tax (21%) is included in all sales prices for catalog products in the Site.

Information about the types of taxes applied on the purchase of the User is reflected and clearly visible throughout the purchase process, both in the quote request and order confirmation screen, as well as in the supporting documents of the purchase.

Some taxes will be applied for each User according to their tax characteristics and the delivery address of the order, and may thus vary the final selling prices shown depending on taxes applied on the transaction.

Each line of an order, as well as totals and subtotals, is offered with the itemized purchase price before and after application of the corresponding taxes for User information.

Purchases that will be delivered within the territory of any of the member states of the European Union are subject to VAT.

The following purchases are exempt from paying tax under the conditions and requirements established by regulation:

         ○ Those that must be delivered in territories of not-member States of the European Union, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are exempted from VAT.

         ○ Those intra-community purchases that must be delivered to companies and professionals that bring VAT tax identification number shall be exempt from VAT.

– Price information about order shipping costs

Order shipping costs shall be financed by the User (except application of special promotional campaigns) and added to the total amount of the selected products. This service is not subject to the application of VAT so that will not be altered by the application or non-application of taxes before the request of the User.

The User will have different possibilities for sending the order with specific costs. This way, the User will be informed at all times of the different shipping methods and the cost associated with each, both when preparing a budget, as before confirming the order and also at the end of the recruitment process.

– Other considerations

The Administrator reserves the right to change prices at any time. However, he promises to apply current tariffs listed in the Site at the time of placing his order.

The conditions of application of offers and promotions in the Site will be appropriately detailed and reflected during the budgeting and order confirmation.


Order shipping costs shall be borne by the User (except application of special promotional campaigns) and added to the total amount of the selected products.

The User has several shipping methods, all them delegated to the Correos España service. For confirmation of an order, the User must select the shipping method of his choice.

Shipping costs for each option include preparation, handling and shipping of the order. This service is not subject to the application of VAT so that will not be altered by the application or non-application of tax before the request of the User.

The Site will show unequivocally the shipping method selected and the costs associated with it in the summary screen of order confirmation and in the orders already made.

The order delivery deadline shall be stipulated by Correos España, according to the shipping method agreed between the parties, which will be computed from the date on which the Administrator proceeds to send the same, ie, once confirmed and processed the order.

The confirmed orders will be delivered at Correos at least once a day, before 16:00 pm, except in cases of force majeure. To complete and ship the order after the payment is confirmed, the Administrator has more than three calendar days.

The delivery is considered completed since the product is available to the Customer at Correos and the receiver signs the receipt of delivery. The receiver must verify the product receipt and expose all the caveats and complaints that may be justified.

The user can choose between these shipping methods:

Certificado – Confirmed Delivery X   X   NO
Urgente Certificado – Urgent Confirmed Delivery X     X NO
Paquete internacional – International parcel   X X X SOFT
Paquete 48 horas – Express 48 hours (*)   X X X YES
Paquete 24 horas – Express 24 hours (*)   X X X YES
Paquete Expr – International Express   X X X SOFT

(*) Guaranteed delivery service on the next working day upon admission

Price and available shipping methods depend on the shipment address and country and will be displayed during the purchase process.


There are two payment options available for the User. Neither of them has an additional cost for the User. One of the payment methods must be selected to confirm the order correctly:

           ○ Online: Using a credit card or paypal balance, online.

           ○ Bank Transfer: sending the total amount of money by bank transfer.

– Online payment through PayPal payment gateway

The payment is made online at the moment of purchase and the User can easily pay for their purchases by debit card, credit card or bank account through PayPal.

With this form of payment, the User will be immediately redirected to the PayPal payment page once the order is confirmed on the Site, where he will be able to pay in the following ways:

          ○ No PayPal account: with credit or debit card.

          ○ With PayPal account:

                   ○ With credit or debit card.

                   ○ With PayPal balance.

                   ○ With bank account.

The Site transfers to PayPal the required information for processing the order (buyer data and order information).

It is not mandatory to have a PayPal account to make payments on the Site. However, having a PayPal account is free and offers a great number of advantages, like being able to make payments through a bank account.

Once payment is confirmed through PayPal (or any of the abovementioned forms), the User can return to the Site where the result of the operation is confirmed and the data of the new order are offered, if the transaction has been successful.

The User also receives all the information about his purchase by email.

The order will state “in progress” without further involvement of the user being necessary. The Administrator has enough information and payment confirmation to prepare the shipment and complete the order.

If the transaction with PayPal was incorrect or any incident occurs during the course of the payment, the order will remain as “Payment Pending” and if the order remains under that status for a maximum of three calendar days from the order creation date, the Administrator will contact the User to agree on a way to unlock the order.

Why use PayPal?

* PayPal is safe: PayPal stores financial information securely and protects it with market-leading security systems and fraud prevention. Moreover, the User financial details are never shared with the seller.

* PayPal is quick and simple: If the User has a PayPal account, he will not have to enter the details of his card or bank account to pay. He will only need his email address and password.

* PayPal is flexible: you choose how to pay: debit card, credit card or bank account.

– Deferred payment by bank transfer to the Administrator

Payment is made after confirmation and generation of the new order. It does not occur in the same time of the purchase.

By choosing this payment method, the User is informed about the conditions and bank details in order to make the payment of the total order, and then the User is informed of the data on your new order once it’s confirmed.

During this process the User doesn’t quit the Site at any time.

The transfer must be made into the following bank account within a 9-day period:

  • Account holder: NORA CASADO RODRIGUEZ
  • Bank Name: ING DIRECT
  • IBAN: ES15 1465 0100 9717 4986 0163

It is advisable to indicate the order number on the transfer itself in order to expedite the processing of the latter.

The new order will remain as ‘Awaiting Payment’ until the Administrator receives and confirms the User’s bank transfer. Once the Administrator already has all the information to complete and submit the User´s request.

If the Administrator fails to confirm the transfer within the specified period, the order will be canceled.


Without completing a registration process, the User can get a purchasing budget for a particular order through the option “My Cart” in the Site.

The Site will provide diverse information about the budget such as:

          ○ Information for each order line: unit price, subtotal, amounts

          ○ List and costs of shipping methods enabled.

          ○Total amount breakdown: subtotals, taxation, shipping costs, etc.

          ○ Application for current promotions and discounts.

Budgets are informative and do not imply a connection or obligation to sell by the Administrator or an obligation to purchase by the User.


The User has several options to complete a purchase through the Site for centralized management of the business relationship:

  • Online purchase process through the Site
  • Purchase process via phone or email

All purchase processes are subject to prior registration in the Site by the User with the condition of having completed the registration process.

The characteristics of each of these forms are detailed in the following points:


All purchasing processes are subject to prior registration in the Site by the User with the condition of having completed the registration process. Therefore, the User must log into the system using data from his account to formalize a purchase through the Site.

The articles are organized into categories to facilitate their identification and acquisition. In order for the User to access the categories or subcategories, select and add items to “My Cart” in the order placed.

The option “My Cart”, which is permanently accessible from the top right menu of the Site, will always contain the full list of selected items to purchase, where each line of the list contains information on the type of item chosen for purchase, with data such as the reference of the selected item, the unit price, the desired amount and subtotal of the order line.

This option “My shopping cart” is merely informative so that no order can be placed from the latter or the information displayed can be binding or enforceable.

In order to complete the order, it is necessary to access the option “My shopping cart” by clicking on the button “CHECKOUT” when the user accesses the screen to complete all order data.

On this screen the User can indicate the billing address, shipping, shipping method, payment method and complete order summary before confirmation.

The order must be confirmed through the button “CHECKOUT”.

From that moment, the next steps depend on the chosen payment method but if the operation is successful regardless of this election, the Site informs the User about the number and details of the new order.

Besides, an email message will be sent with a description of the order and the personal data that have been reported. Failure to receive this message might be due to a temporary problem with the network communications, or to a typing error in the email address provided.


All purchasing processes are subject to prior registration in the Site with the condition of having completed the registration process. Therefore, the User must be previously registered and must also provide enough information for the identification by the Administrator in order to complete a purchase via email or phone.

Through this purchasing process, the User will indicate the items that he wants to buy and the required data to complete the purchase (shipping and billing address).

The User may request budgeting, which will be confirmed at the time or subsequently by the User. If the User requests it, the budget of the order placed can also be sent via email.

If the User confirms the result of the order, it will be placed on behalf of the User with the following possible payment methods:

  • Bank transfer: As detailed in the payment section.
  • Payment request via PayPal

Through this exclusive payment method of phone or email orders, the Administrator generates a recovery order to the User through the PayPal payment platform.

PayPal will notify the User via email that the Administrator is requesting a payment and will provide a link to do this under the same terms as detailed in the section Payment Methods, i.e., with credit card without a PayPal account or credit card / bank account if the User has a PayPal account.

Payment must be made within a 9-day period through that email.

The new order will remain as ‘Awaiting Payments’ until the Administrator receives and confirms the payment of the User. At that time all the information is available to complete and submit the User´s request.

If the payment isn´t confirmed within the indicated period, the order will be canceled.

The Administrator reserves the right to send reminders of pending payment to the User via email.



The User may return any item purchased through for the following reasons:

  1. a) Right of revocation:

Art. 44 of Law 7/1996 of January 15, on Retail Commerce, gives the customer the right to revoke the order requested within 7 working days from the receipt, after notifying THE ADMINISTRATOR within that time without penalty and with the refund of the price paid for it.

The full order should be returned with all original product accessories and packaging. The product must be in perfect condition and in its original packaging. The customer must bear the direct return costs.

If the product is defective, the customer can also opt for its replacement within these seven days.

  1. b) Return for defects caused by the transportation or error in the shipment:

If a product has defects caused by damage during transportation or there is an error in the goods received at the time of delivery, the Customer must indicate it on the delivery note and notify THE ADMINISTRATOR via email or phone within the next 24 hours of receipt of the order to encourage the return of the product or products concerned and replacing it with a new one or refund the price paid for it.

The defects produced during transportation that are only noticeable after unpacking the product must be reported within the first 24 hours of receipt of the order in the manner indicated above, indicating the order number, the damage caused to the product and urging the return of the product concerned and replacing it with a new one or refund the price paid for it.

The customer must bear the direct return cost.

In these cases, THE ADMINISTRATOR will refund the purchase within 30 days from receipt of the notification of return through a bank transfer to the account specified by the User or by reimbursement of the payment made through PayPal.

For any incident related to the return of items to our store, you should get in touch with THE ADMINISTRATOR through any form of contact listed in “Contact”.

Communications between THE ADMINISTRATOR and the User will be made according to the data provided by the latter when registering at the Website. The User expressly accepts the use of email as a valid procedure for the remission of all communications related to the use of the Website.


In case of defective product, THE ADMINISTRATOR shall proceed to the replacement, price reduction or termination of the contract without any costs for consumers. THE ADMINISTRATOR responds to lacks of conformity that arise within two years from delivery, and consumer and user must inform the seller of the lack of conformity within two months after knowing it.

The regulatory provisions on legal guarantees contained in the Revised Text of the Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users will be modulated by the nature of the products sold on the Website (limited life).


The breach of the obligations of either party by force majeure will not imply any responsibility to any of the parties involved. The fulfillment of the obligation will be delayed until the cessation of force majeure, so that either party may request termination of the contract without any compensation, if the cause is extended.


The User agrees to accept all terms and conditions contained in these General Terms and Conditions and keep their personal access codes to the Site confidentially and with the utmost care.

Similarly, it agrees at all times to provide truthful information about the data requested in user registration or order forms, and keep them updated at all times.

The User commits to making the order delivery possible by facilitating a delivery address where the order could be delivered. The Administrator shall have no responsibility for delays or inability to deliver the order requested by the User arising from breach by the latter of this obligation to provide such delivery.


For the purposes of the provisions set forth in the Organic Law no. 15/1999 of December 13th on Personal Data Protection, NORA CASADO RODRIGUEZ with Tax Identity 07977562N and tax domicile in Calle Luis Vives 6 – cuarto, Salamanca, 37006, as head of informs the existence of a file of personal data owned by the latter, which has taken the appropriate security measures. This file is duly registered in the Register of the Data Protection Agency.

By providing your data through the registration form for such purpose, You expressly agree to the inclusion of the latter in the aforementioned file with the purpose of information and marketing of products offered on the Site, and to fulfill your requests for sending advertising or subscription to newsletters. They will also be used to control an administrative management of the company (billing, accounting). Similarly, completing and submitting the electronic registration form of after downloading it constitutes your express consent to the shipment via SMS, postal or electronic communications related to the services offered on the Site, and therefore, You acknowledge and expressly authorize the use of email as a valid procedure for the delivery of communications related to the use of this website without prejudice to his right to revoke the consent to this treatment now granted, as it deems appropriate.

The User of must be registered in order to acquire the products offered through the Website. In order to do this, he must fill out an electronic form and accept the conditions of employment set out in the relevant section of By registering, he will be prompted to provide the information necessary to achieve the purposes of the Website. During data collection and in every part of the Site in which such data is requested, the User will be informed of the mandatory character, or not, of collecting such data, and its refusal to provide them will imply not being able to register in the Site.

The User may request that the system recognizes him automatically by registering without prior identification to access his data, allowing him to directly access his data streamlining the purchasing process. This automatic recognition is done through cookies, so if the User connects to from a different computer than the usual or if he has deleted his temporary Internet files (cache and / or cookies), he will be asked to identify again.

Similarly, the User has access to his private profile at all times and he can modify, edit or delete the information provided, as well as manage his termination directly.

The User guarantees that the personal data provided through the form are true, being obliged to communicate any changes thereto. Similarly, the User guarantees that all information provided corresponds to his real situation, which is updated and accurate. In addition, the User agrees to keep his data updated at all times and is solely responsible for the inaccuracy or falsity of the information provided and any damages caused to NORA CASADO RODRIGUEZ, as holder of, or third parties for the use of the Site.

In compliance with the provisions of Law 15/1999 of December 13, clients and users of may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition of their personal data by written notification to: NORA CASADO RODRIGUEZ C / Luis Vives 6 CUARTO (37006, Salamanca ) or by sending an email to the address providing the name and surname, user and email used in the registration process, enclosing a photocopy of user ID. In the event that the information supplied is associated with a purchase, the Spanish legislation compels us to keep them for at least five years so it cannot be deleted or corrected if the customer requests it.

Access to the Website may involve the use of cookies to facilitate navigation. Cookies are only associated with an anonymous User and your PC, not providing news that allow to obtain personal information of the User. However, you are informed of the possibility of discarding such use in your computer terminal, following the instructions of your internet browser; although NORA CASADO RODRIGUEZ is not responsible for the improper functioning of the page due to the deactivation of cookies.

NORA CASADO RODRIGUEZ is committed to the use of the data included in the file, respect of their confidentiality and use in accordance with their purpose, and to comply with his obligation to keep them and adopt all measures to prevent alteration, loss, unauthorized access, in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 1720/2007 of December 21st, approving the Development Regulation of the Organic Law 15/1999 of June 13th on Personal Data Protection.


Purchases made through are subject to Spanish laws.

The parties submit themselves to the courts and tribunals of the User´s domicile in order to resolve conflicts renouncing any other jurisdiction.